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PC Requirements

To use Titan on a PC here are the recommended and minimum specifications you will need on the computer.

Recommended Specification Minimum Specification
Processor Intel i7 2GHz Intel i5 2GHz
Memory 8GB 4GB
Screen PassMark 700 or more PassMark 300 or more
Hard Drive Intel or SanDisk SSD 256GB + 20% free space SSD Drive 20GB + 20% free space
Operating System Windows 101 Windows 72

When running on a computer with less than the recommended specification, the software may not run as well or as fluidly as it is supposed to. Note that the performance will vary depending on the number of fixtures patched and the number of running playbacks.

1Tested on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Please ensure that all applicable updates have been installed. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and virtual machines, e.g. VMware, are not supported.

2Please note that this will be the final major version release of Titan to support Windows 7. We recommend users upgrade to Windows 10 at their earliest convenience.

3Alienware Command Center (AWCC) can prevent Titan from running correctly, this may affect users of Dell Alienware machines.

Titan Tutorial Videos

When you open titan we have created and saved a demo show file within it so that you can get started and work your way through the videos.

To book training click HERE.

Or kick off your learning with the video below!

The video above is part of many useful playlists on YouTube to aid your learning.

To learn how to use Titan you will also need:
The Titan PC Suite
Capture Show File - Visualiser

Ai Tutorial Videos

The link above is to one of many useful playlists to aid your learning.

To learn how to use Ai you will also need:
The software – click HERE for a 30 day free trial
Ai Media Content:
Sample Video 1
Sample Video 2

Learn from home!

Regular Titan WEBINARS every Thursday.

View every button press with our simulator and ask as many questions as you need.

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