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ECN-0191ECN-0191.pdfDongle Connection Point Change
ECN-0189 & 190ECN-0189and190.pdfMobile Fader noise and ref Voltage change
ECN-0188ECN-0188.pdfPearl Expert Touch Wing LED flicker
ECN-0186ECN-0186.pdfDiamond 4 Video Drivers when using Commell LV677 motherboard
ECN-0185ECN-0185.pdfPearl Expert Hub USB input connector fixing
ECN-0184ecn-0184.pdfPearl Expert DMX Earth Connection
ECN-0180ecn-0180.pdfPearl 2008 BUM PCB Earth Link Connection
ECN-0164ecn-0164.pdfDiamond 4 - EZ DMX Reset
ECN-0163ecn-0163.pdfDiamond 4 - EZ DMX Power Modification
ECN-0159ECN-0159.pdfDiamond 4 CPU fan bracket
ECN-0158ECN-0158.pdfDiamond 4 LBA modifications
ECN-0157ECN-0157.pdfDiamond 4 Motherboard Reset Cable
ECN-0155ECN-0155.pdfDiamond 4 PSU Earth cable
ECN-0154ECN-0154.pdfART2000 T2 and T4 J1/J2 connector mating
ECN-0152ECN-0152.pdfRunning Hi-End Intellabeams
ECN-0151ECN-0151.pdfBoris 3 Real Time Clock Mod
ECN-0150ECN-0150.pdfBorris 2 Keyboard Interrupt modification
ECN-0149ECN-0149.pdfA2K Ctrl Card Mains Capacitor Modification
ECN-0148ECN-0148.pdfD4 EZ Borris Oscillator Modification
ECN-0147ECN-0147.pdfDiamond 4 EZ DMX Oscillator Modification
ECN-0142ECN-0142.pdfART2000 T4 Connector panel Rib
ECN-0141ECN-0141.pdfART2000 I2C bus pull up
ECN-0139ECN-0139.pdfFitting Links on a Sapphire 2000 SMF PCB
ECN-0138ECN-0138.pdfLCD Screens occasionally losing data
ECN-0137ECN-0137.pdfTrimming the links on a Sapphire 2000 SMF pcb.
ECN-0133ECN-0133.pdfBorris2 motherboards with ST9 adapter board
ECN-0132ECN-0132.pdfBorris2 motherboards with floppy adapter board
ECN-0131ECN-0131.pdfINVC196 Board Fuse Replacement
ECN-0130ECN-0130.pdfControl fuse rating for ART2000 frames
ECN-0129ECN-0129.pdfWatch crystal usage on MAP 5000C Eurocards and Borris2 Motherboards
ECN-0128ECN-0128.pdfAzure Support Cable
ECN-0127ECN-0127.pdfFloppy Adaptor Board
ECN-0126ECN-0126.pdfST90R40 Adaptor Board
ECN-0125ECN-0125.pdfHawke 1330IF (Screen Control Board) replacement
ECN-0124ECN-0124.pdfBorris 2 reset line.
ECN-0123ECN-0123.pdfALG Video Card modification
ECN-0120ECN-0120.pdfART 2000 tray connector change
ECN-0119ECN-0119.pdfART 4000 Zero Cross window adjustment
ECN-0118ECN-0118.pdfART 4000 Main Card fixing
ECN-0117ECN-0117.pdfDiamond II/III Encoders
ECN-0116ECN-0116.pdfPearl 2000 Roller Modification
ECN-0115ECN-0115.pdfBorris 2 Crystal
ECN-0114ECN-0114.pdfAzure PSU Earth Link
ECN-0113ECN-0113.pdfRack Splitter DMX Termination
ECN-0109ECN-0109.pdfPearl Disc Drive
ECN-0108ECN-0108.pdfTonya3 GAL
ECN-0107ECN-0107.pdfSapphire 2000 Lamps
ECN-0106ECN-0106.pdfD2/D3 Real Time Clock
ECN-0105ECN-0105.pdfDiamond Extended Memory
ECN-0104ECN-0104.pdfPearl DIL Extended Memory
ECN-0103ECN-0103.pdfAzure encoders
ECN-0102ECN-0102.pdfPearl Midi Modifications
ECN-0101ECN-0101.pdfDiamond Midi Modifications
ECN-0100ECN-0100.pdfBorris2 Multiple Key Presses
ECN-0192ECN-0192.pdfFan Replacement
ECN-0193ECN-0193.pdfLCD Inverter Enable Delay
ECN-0194ECN-0194.pdfSATA CD Drive Removal
ECN-0195ECN-0195.pdfSapphire BIOS setting for reliable Ethernet
ECN-0203ECN-0203.zipSapphire touch motor fader board firmware
ECN-0206ECN-0206.pdfSapphire Touch Impedance Matched Ethernet
ECN-0207ECN-0207.pdfTitan Net Processor Impedance Matched Ethernet
ECN-0208ECN-0208.pdfTitan Net Processor Hyper threading BIOS setting change
ECN-0204ECN-0204.pdfTitan V9 BIOS and Shell Upgrade