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Power Cube


A complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box! 

The compact box with proven Art 2000 technology is quick to set up. It boasts 12 dimmer circuits at 10A each, 6 combined dimmer/fixed mains at 10A each, 6 fixed mains at 16A each and 2 utility CEE16 outlets at 16A each. Available with Single pole and double breakers and standard supplied 5 pole 63A CEE connector, 3 x 30mA RCB’s allowing three phase and single phase operations, socapex or Harting options. Whether it is used for a conference, fashion show or any live event the Powercube powers a wide range of devices from moving lights, strobes, LED battons/fixtures and projectors.


Power Cube Travels to Singapore for VISA

"Having been in the industry for 16 years, finally I find a dimmer that is small in size, light in weight and neat in design; yet as powerful as the famous ART2000 dimmer! I love the concept of it. The Mains and Data Distribution Systems can be operated by Three Phase or Single Phase inlet supply….plus it is capable of being securely stacked too… further illustrating the flexibility of this mighty dimmer." Expounds Fares Aljunied of Ripple EFX Pte Ltd.

Power Cube Travels to Singapore for VISA 

One of Singapore"s most prestigious financial events, with political minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew giving the key note speech, the Visa Payment Forum "09 was held in the grand ballroom of the Ritz Carlton, Millennia. Among the many technical aspects to be solved, there was the issue of the highly visible location of the mains supply;

"Normally we will have to extend the mains backstage, where the dimmers can be hidden. That means a lot of cables! With the power Cube it is easy to mask the whole dimmer - just a few potted plants and problem solved."

He went on to say "I was able to put the dimmers where the Mains are located without any complaints from the clients because of its compact size and on a show where the projects scale was much bigger than usual."

Besides Visa 2009, Fares has used Power Cubes on many other shows. To date he has deployed the Power Cube on the Barclays Asia Forum Conference and Gala Dinner, ION Orchard Mall Gala Dinner, BEBE Fashion Show, DHL Summit, Content Asia Summit, Pacnet Sales Kick Off and the Citrix Sales Kick Off. As expected the Power Cube performed faultlessly!

Ripple EFX supply lighting for a wide variety of events in Singapore and can be reached on:
RIPPLE EFX PTE LTD, 24 Boon Lay Way, Trade Hub 21 #01-70, Singapore 606696
T : +65 9843 1974 (Fares Aljunied)
+65 9666 7488 (Eddie Teo)
F : +65 6878 0068

Photography supplied by Concept 360 Pte Ltd - Thank You.

Varsity 2009

Tim Smith of Live Technical Services ltd. Has previously used Art 2000 Dimmers on many shows and festivals so he couldn"t wait to test out the new Art 2000 Power Cube;

"It's everything I had been waiting for in one box... With the fast responsive dimmers, standard art 2000 control over your curves, a hot power bay, plus data distribution… I was biting Avolites hands off to try one of these!" He also boasted of its versatility, commenting on how portable he found it, plus its many possible applications, from conferences to festivals. Meanwhile, clients think it's a "sexy", high spec bit of kit!

Varsity 2009 

Smith first used the Power Cube during the Kyran Brackens Ice Party in Bournemouth and after using it once, Smith never looked back! It wasn"t long before the Power Cube went out on the road with him, going from 4 degree temperatures in the UK down to minus 12 degrees in France. It was here, at Varsity 2009 in Tignes, that it ran for six days to power and pre-heat all 12 blinders, running hot power to the 8 channels by 2 kw"s and giving full data distribution for the event via Ethernet In and DMX Out.

Having formed a brand new company Tim Smith and his partner Howie Clark need to be sure they are making carefully thought out and astute buying decisions. The company will purchase equipment that not only technically "fits the bill", but also reflects their own high quality standards. The Art 2000 Power Cube is clearly the right product on both fronts!

Tim Smith at Live Technical Services Ltd. Provides lighting, rigging and consultancy for all types of event.

Relentless Garage Club Install - London

"The Power Cube has been great, I am using all of the Hot Power and Dimming to its full capacity and it's been great - when can I get 3 more?"

Angus Chinn - Utopium Installations

Relentless Garage Club Install - London
Zwinky Fabrik venue install - Zurich

IQ unlimited GmbH completed the installation of a complete rig and lighting system at Zwinky Fabricthe new cultural centre on the outskirts of Zurich in August. The Avolites Pearl Tiger control desk, Art 2000 installation dimmers along with the new Power Cube were chosen by Marco Drudi, technical director. " The Power cube gives me all the flexibility I need to facilitate the wide range and variety of event opportunities anticipated to use this fabulous venue."

Zwinky Fabrik venue install - Zurich 

Highlight Systems takes in Avolites Powercubes

SINGAPORE: Highlight Systems has recently taken delivery of additional 22 units of Avolites ART2000 PowerCube to its impressive lighting rental inventory for a total of 24 units of PowerCube. This deal was concluded by Avolites exclusive distributor, Total Solution Marketing.

Director of Highlight Systems, Roy Chooi shared his delight with the purchase. "The Avolites PowerCube has a very compact housing among other distinguished features such as being portable, easily stackable. being light in weight and extremely easy for setup. The reasonable channels output come with direct power outlet which is good for operating moving lights especially when in a conference setup. The PowerCube is able to meet our company operations standards as it can handle shows of mega proportion when all the channels are in use at the same time and yet is able to break out for shows of other various scale size. Importantly it is able to marry into networking via Artnet and allows soft patching within the units.

Roy also touched on his history with Avolites, "I grew up with the Avolites brand 20 years ago while in my teens. The functions and settings of the Avolites products then were easy to comprehend and simple to access and along the years, this had never changed. The cost of the Avolites products has always been affordable and they have really lived up to its tagline, FROM ROCK TO OPERA and now to ARENA."

Immediately after taking delivery, Highlight Systems had to use all 24 units of the ART2000 PowerCubes to power up the lighting for the Chingay Parade 2014 which is the largest street performance and float parade in Asia. Roy shared his experience, "Because the PowerCubes are portable in size and the design and configuration are suitable for location lighting usage in film, they definitely meet the requirement for Chingay 2014." Touching base on his lighting design layout for the Chingay parade he continued, "To power up 360 units of ARRI 2k True blue T2 Fresnel, these PowerCubes meet the maximum channel allocation which eventually helped us to cut down a lot on cable management as well as reducing troubleshooting time. There is not much wastage in terms of channels allocation when comparing it to the 24 channels or 48 channels dimmer rack and furthermore all ARRI 2k True blue T2 Fresnel units are consistently set at a range of 75% to 100% thus to avoid dimmer overheating, PowerCube is preferred because only 18 channels may be lost per unit as compared to all the channels in a 48 channel dimmer rack."

Roy also expressed his happiness from working with Total Solution, "Total Solution has shown their utmost support in assisting us with the delivery with constant monitoring of the shipment because this order was confirmed very late. They also extended their service to check and ensure every single PowerCube was working well before delivering direct to the Chingay venue. TSM also ensured standby manpower and some spare untis to ensure a smooth transition should there be a breakdown during setup and show. They have gone all out to give us assurance that they are there for us all the way."

Koy Neminathan, Sales Director of Avolites Limited shared his thoughts on the sale, "We are delighted to supply the 22 PowerCubes and this cements our long term relationships we have built with many customers including Highlight Systems. It is truly diverse to say the least when it's from Rock to Opera to Live venues. The PowerCube has been a great workhorse and a proud sibling to the trusted ART2000 T4 Series."

Glenn Wong, MD of Total Solution stated, "The ART2000 PowerCube is a complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box. With 12 dimmer circuits@10amp each, 6 combined dimmer and fixed mains @10amp each and 6 fixed mains @16amps each, Highlight Systems can use it to power a wide range of devices from moving lights, strobes, LED battons/fixtures and projectors. It is also available with Single pole and double breakers and standard supplied 5 pole 63A CEE connector, 3 x 30mA RCB's allowing three phase and single phase operations, socapex or Harting options."

Highlight Systems has built a resource pool from decades of experience in Show Productions, Engineering and Operations, Installation Design, hence enabling the company to effectively address all of the elements necessary to provide total turnkey lighting solutions. Highlight Systems also design for greater impact by combining different lighting field approach to the more traditional conservative applications.

  • Dimmer and distribution channels- 10A C type ABB breakers
  • Distribution channels 16A C type ABB breakers (5-10x I nominal inrush current).
  • Captive Mains tail of 1.2m H07R 5x 10mm2 fitted with a 63A 5 pin Cee connector.
  • Flight-case and dimmer provide for easy storage of this cable
  • Mains supplies either 63A 3phase+N TN-S or 63A single Phase +N.
  • Mains inlet breaker 63A D type ABB breakers (10-15x I nominal inrush current).
  • Three individual single phase 63A 30mA residual current breakers to protect operators. Each RCB protects one phase, therefore increasing the selectivity of the RCB protection. (BS7909 requirement).
  • Mains breaker is a four pole unit that also protects the Neutral wire which is important in case of single phase operation.
  • Socapex or Harting output connectors available
Technical specifications
Dimensions (mm): 445 x 510 x 520
Net weight: 43Kg

Click HERE for the Power Cube manual

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