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The new Avolites Tiger Touch represents The Definitive Hybrid console. A hybrid of powerful Diamond 4 functionality coupled with the friendly Pearl interface – unquestionably the industries favourite!

A hybrid of fast, accessible, ‘hands on’ control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen.

This responsive, wide screen, touch interface provides a constantly evolving software skin which envelopes the high performance hardware platform.

Avolites Tiger Touch, the seamless link between functionality and form.






























Main programming window

Offering access to fixture Groups with Position, Colour, and Beam Palettes. For increased flexibility, Macros for commonly needed functions or button sequences maybe placed onto unused Group or Palette buttons. Scroll or page the window to access up to 1,000 entries per window.









Attribute Control - Colour Mix

This "Colour Selection" Attribute Controller gives instant access to Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity. Quite simply, the fastest way to choose colours on moving lights, RGB LED's and video.






Attribute Control - Zoom, Focus, Iris and Frost

 The ‘Attribute View Window’ control gives a fast and intuitive alternative to editing with the encoder wheels or key pad.  Select the attribute to be controlled and all associated attributes and their functions will be presented on screen. Simply touch the desired function or use the virtual slider to control linear functions.  






Shape and Effect Window 

The powerful Shape Engine 'Primitives' are offered here. Simply and quickly build beautifully complex effects in seconds. Shapes may control intelligent fixtures, colour mixing LED Luminares and Video Media Servers. Once  a 'Primitive' has been applied the user has control over the Speed, Size, and Repeat  Phasing of the effect. Once programmed, the shape's Size, Speed and Morphing may be controlled with the fader or using Fade In/Out times.





Attribute Control Window - Video Media Server Control

Both Tiger Touch and Expert Touch consoles incorporate CITP - Media Server Control protocol. CITP not only offers instant and automatic patching of media server layers, but also enables operators to choose the required video clip directly from the on screen thumbnail. The fast and friendly method to work with video.





Attribute Control Window - Video Media Server Control 2

 Video Media Server Playback and Transition functions are grouped logically and may be directly controlled from the console.







Always ready for use as visualiser is patched automatically as you assign fixtures to the console. The visualiser system is far more informative than merely numbers on the screen and can be used to set and review movement, colour fade and Iris times. Visualiser is optimised for fast, smooth accurate response without compromising console speed. Visualiser may be used as powerful pre production programming tool or as a useful training tool.





Cue List View and Channel Grid View

Tapping once on the Playback area for any cue list opens the ‘Cue List View’. Tapping a second time on the display opens the ‘Channel Grid View’ for the currently ‘Live’ cue. Both views are programmer interactive where fade times, attribute times, playback properties and channel levels may be quickly and easily edited and updated. Spreadsheet functions such as copy, paste and ‘select range to edit’ provide a powerful editing tool for cues, pallets and chase steps.





What is a workspace view? 

The consoles and touch screen interface is used in conjunction with 'Operator Workspace Views'. These workspace views are set-up and stored by the operator and can be switched instantly as needed. Workspace views are populated with up to 4 workspace windows and window choices include; Groups, Colours, position and beam palettes, as well as shapes, macros, cue list and channel views, head up display of playbacks and palettes and the stage visualiser. Many user defined workspace views may be saved and recalled from the workspace pallet.






The IPCGBES Display

Below the workspace views is the useful ‘Programmer and Editor Display’. Two functions are shown here:

• The grey square indicates or selects what attribute type the encoder wheels are currently assigned to, i.e. P for Pan/Tilt Position, C for colour or G for Gobo.

• The Cyan circle provides a quick and clear indication of channels you have placed into the programmer, ready to be recorded.




The Wheel View 

Below the IPCGBES display is the encoder wheel view. This shows the functions contained within each attribute controller. The display conveniently shows the current function as well as the next two available in either direction. Tapping the up or down arrows instantly takes the channel to 100% or 0% and pressing view then the wheel view display area opens the Attribute Editor for custom channel control.






Submaster Playback Displays

The Tiger Touch and Expert Touch Wing provide comprehensive, detailed Playback information. The display for each Playback displays the Cue Legend, Fade In and Out Times and 0% Fade progress. Where the Playback contains a chase, the beat is shown on a progress bar and for cue lists the legend of the Live and Next cues are shown.







Virtual Playbacks    

Set the buttons to "Supersize" and use the Touch Wing Playbacks during the show for further memories or sequences. Buttons may be Latched On or Off and are ideal for Smoke machine, Strobe or Effect control.







TITAN Operating System is the future of Avolites Software.

       Packed with innovation, TITAN is the realisation of three design goals:

  • Taking advantage of the speed and power offered by multi-threading programs in Intel's Dual Core processors.
  • Enabling Tiger Touch users to access and benefit from powerful features developed
    for Diamond 4 Consoles.
  • Offering a clean and coherent programming and replay environment for the Tiger Touch.

TITAN has been created as a "Clean Sheet". It's fresh, clear design is fast and elegant to use. Avolites will continue to develop the TITAN Operating System and these benefits are continuously offered to users ongoingly at no extra charge under Avolites policy of "Free Upgrades for the Life of the Console".


  Titan Software Version Timeline






Program faster with Tiger Touch

TITAN produces powerful Diamond 4 functionality in the Pearl Expert. The PeTiger Touch acquires this extra functionality while
retaining the friendly Pearl interface that we all know and love.



Fixture Exchange

New venue , new country , different fixture types !
Advise the Tiger Touch of the change of fixtures, update your palettes and the show is ready to run .
This incredibly powerful function updates all existing cues and show data with the new fixture types .
New productions can quickly be created by the reuse of cue and stack data.





Fixture Copy

The new Fixture Copy feature actually "Clones " show data from existing fixtures to extra fixtures, increasing the number of lights and the size of the show in minimal time.
Perfect for making productions bigger or adding fixtures for DVD filming when time is of the essence.





Creativity of Multiple Times

In the TITAN Operating System, we have produced the fastest
and friendliest way to add multiple attribute times to your cues.






Head Up Display

The new Head Up Display screen
shows at a glance the current fixtures, cues, groups and Palettes as well as the fixture output on visualizer.








The Head Up Display can show the entire contents of the console on one screen. Making navigation wonderfully simple.










Hand Held Remote

The Hand Held Remote allows you to control cues and
fixtures from Storage, TV Studio Floors ad Vast Film Sets.






iPod & iPhone Compatability

The iPods and iPhones are small, compact
and low cost. Everybody’s favorite hand held device.





Remote Rig Control

The remote can be used during generic
fixture ‘focusing’ to turn on lights from the
stage. During the show, lights that develop
problems can be reset or turned off by
backstage technician reducing stress on
the operator.







Easy Search

The fast, powerful Search Function
enables you to find your cues or fixtures quickly and easily.












Titan Inside

TITAN is the common platform for all Diamond, Expert, Tiger Touch and Showsafe systems.





Specifications are subject to change.
Some features intended for Version 1.2 and Version 2.
Please check with Avolites Technical Support for exact details.












Encoders – Avolites utilises Bournes™ ultra smooth, metal shaft optical encoders, the industry’s best!

Encoder wheels – Anodised, non-abrasive, aluminium encoder wheels. Slick Low Friction, High Mass design offering sensitive control, with outer belt for fine-tuning.


Engraved buttons
– Console detail and function at your fingertips!

Faders – Custom made, high quality carbon track linear faders. Durable , smooth operation with integral dust cover to protect and prolong their life.

Shadow™ Switches – The Industry’s Best! Indestructible, Rock Proof, gold contact switches are graded for pressure consistency.



10 Macro Buttons – User programmable with any programmable sequence.

20 Submasters - Capable of controlling cues, cue lists and chases.






Ethernet output – Artnet protocol fully supported and enabling 12 full speed DMX Universes.

4 x DMX Output Ports – Full speed, individually opto-isolated and floating Outputs giving 2,048 DMX Channels. Separate DMX Processors for full speed, 44Hz DMX. Avolites enables customising of DMX parameters including Break Length, Mark after Break and Interbyte Timing giving smooth, consistent control of even the trickiest fixtures!

Video support - Media Server Support utilizing Avolites Active Fixtures in conjunction with the new, cross platform, Media Server protocol “CITP” where “Clips” and Live Previews are presented graphically on the console screen.







MIDI – The console offers MIDI Time Code Control. Sequences can be synchronised to Timecode for perfect cueing. Playback buttons or faders can also be remotely activated by MIDI.

Audio Input  - Analogue stero line-level input via 2.5 mm mini jack. Use Bass, Mid or Treble to sound-to-light trigger any or all of the consoles playbacks.






Console monitor – The external VGA screen mounts to the console. The heavy duty, adjustable VESA Mount Bracket is available from Avolites.

Touch Screen Responsive - wide screen touch interface. Utilising Mobile Computing Grade 15.4 inch, High Contrast, Bright LCD Display coupled with Ultra-accurate, 5 wire technology resistive Touch Sensor.








CPU - Intel Core Duo™

Networking - Intel 82537L Gigabit Ethernet.

Graphics - The new Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 provides incredible visual quality, versatile display options.



Rear I/O ports - PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse, LPT, VGA, LAN, USB2.0, Audio, SPDIF, IEEE 1394. 

Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F).

Rear I/O ports - PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse , LPT, VGA, LAN, USB2.0, Audio, SPDIF, IEEE 1394. 

Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F).

RAM – Hit the Beat! 1 Gigabyte of DDR2 RAM enables the entire console operation to be executed in RAM providing the fastest  operation.

Fast response – The console response speed averages at a lighting quick sub 100ms from hitting the flash button to changing the output.







Data stick - Save your show and User Profiles on the conveniently front mounted USB2 stick.

Internal Hard Disk - mobile computing grade hard disc mounted on shock absorbant frame has the capacity to store up to 50,000 shows.








TITAN Operating System – the TITAN OS takes full advantage of multithreading capabilities of the Intel Core Duo™ processors.

Stage Visualizer – The built in stage visualizer is automatically configured and ready to use as soon as your console is patched.


Free Software updates - lifetime software support and upgrades.






Showsafe - Avolites Showsafe provides a full back up system at minimum cost and space for all Diamond  and Expert consoles.

Rackmounted in a 19 inch flightcase.
10 USB connections.
8 Universes of DMX output and MIDI In/Out.
Built in LCD Status Screen with configuration buttons.
Connects to Pearl Expert using Ethernet and USB cables.
Pearl Expert and ShowSafe output DMX Simultaneously.
Built In Pearl Expert Simulator panel gives access to all console functions.







Console Illumination – The console is offered with an optional durable, flexible metal stem operators light. The output level is fully adjustable from the console.

Trim – CNC machined End Profiles, utilizing Dual Component, impact resistant industrial grade paint finish.



Chassis – Durable 1.5mm steel case provides electrical screening and rigidity. Polyester powder coated and high temperature baked. Designed to withstand the rigours of life on the road!

Front panel laminate - This reverse printed polycarbonate laminate sandwiches the high definition print layer between the stainless steel panel and the laminate, it is indelible. High Impact, Acid and Scratch resistant… the TigerTouch is a tough act to follow!





PSU – Connect to worldwide mains supplies with the Auto-ranging power supply 90V – 240 VaC, Auto tracking 50 to 60 hz.

Current - Maximum of 3 Amps.

Max Ambient Temperature - 50 °C

Relative Humidity - 5% to 95% noncondensing.






99.5% recyclable materials used.

Non consumer item –very long active life of approximately 20 years.

Lead free solder used throughout

Weee Complaint -Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.






Tiger Touch console
Tiger Touch User Manual
Bulgin IEC Mains Lead 2M
Pearl Expert recovery CD

On the road spares :
Dmx driver chip
Dmx opto isolator protection chip
Spare Shadow switch caps
Spare Fader caps
Playback & Master faders
Spare Keyswitch Key



Tiger Touch in Flighcase : 30kg
750 x 610 x 300 mm




Specifications are subject to change.
Some features intended for Version 1.2 and Version 2.
Please check with Avolites Technical Support for exact details.


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